Helping Chesapeake move forward in Public Safety, Education, Economic Development/Responsible Growth, Investing in our Infrastructure, and Investing in City Employees.  


The safety of our city is paramount in maintaining the prosperity we’ve experienced throughout the years. And I am proud to say that our first responders are among the best around. In fact, Chesapeake has been recognized as the sixth safest city in America.


We must fully support the men and women who put it all on the line to protect our great city daily. And City Council must supply them with the necessary resources to continue doing their job effectively.


One of the primary reasons parents move their families to Chesapeake is so their children can receive the award-winning education this city is known for. In fact, Chesapeake Public Schools are 100 percent accredited! We must be committed to a strong working relationship between Chesapeake City Council, Chesapeake School Board, & State Representatives to provide the best educational experience in a safe, secure, and modern environment.


For over a decade, I have been committed to inspiring the next generation by using the platform provided by my NFL career to educate children about the STEAM careers for their future.



Healthy commercial growth is vital to keeping citizens from bearing unreasonable tax burdens and I do not want  place unreasonable tax burdens or raise taxes on our citizens. Growth also provides much needed social activities that will make Chesapeake even more attractive to new residents. 


Chesapeake is the most unique city in all of Hampton Roads. It is the only city to border every other city on the Southside and have deep water access. This makes Chesapeake very appealing to small businesses & large corporations and positions Chesapeake to be a significant competitor in providing high paying careers. 


I am committed to supporting a healthy business/residential growth ratio that continues to set an environment that draws more businesses and residents into the Chesapeake, While retaining the character of the different areas of the city. 


The ability to mitigate traffic issues and maintain current infrastructure are crucial to the quality of life we enjoy in Chesapeake. 


I will work both within the city and team up with our Regional, State, and Federal partners to ensure that investments in roads and buildings are properly maintained and keep pace with the demands of our city.



In order to provide the excellent services that make Chesapeake a great place to live, we must invest in the city employees who maintain our infrastructure, teach in our school, protect our quality of life, and run the operations of the city. 


I support the great work that city employees have done, and I think we must provide competitive pay, benefits, and resources for our city and school employees so that we can not only attract, but retain qualified personnel.